West Penn Futsal  & Keystone Indoor Kicks Present

Fledgling Division Community Club Leagues

Gets your club playing indoors?

Penn West Futsal, and Keystone Indoor kicks, are offering your clubs players from age U6 to U10 the chance to experience THE FIFA approved version of indoor soccer Futsal. There are many reasons why Kiski Area Soccer Club should consider this option but perhaps the best reason is that your player will have lots of fun and gets 100’s of touches on the ball they would have missed out on, if they did not participate. Here are some of the important data for this program.

1.      This is essentially an in-house program indoors. To qualify you must enter at least 4 teams in a single age level from U6 to U10.

2.      You are responsible for assuring the teams are competitively balanced to ensure the fairest competition.

3.      Keystone Indoor Kicks will secure the time on Saturdays to hold these games do the schedules and schedule referees for the competition.

4.      Clubs can adjust the rules from standard Futsal (5 v 5) including keepers down to what format they are comfortable with. The can also set up roster limits that are appropriate for the game format they choose.(4 v 4, etc)

5.      Keystone Indoor Kicks encourages clubs to add a value added premium over and above expenses to make income to support their club program turning this indoor program into a fund raiser. For their organization.

6.      Field Size is approximately (90 x 50) within Futsal minimums.

7.      Only Futsal balls can be used.

8.      USFF Player registration is required giving your teams and club and coaches liability and secondary medical insurance (Not available through PaWest for indoor Soccer)

9.   Cross over games with other clubs involved in the community Futsal level are possible.

10.   League play will start on November 18, 2011

11.   Each team will get 8 games,

12.   We are closed for league play from Nov. 25-28 and Dec 24-Jan 1

13.   Referee fees are $5.00 per team per game and are paid by the teams prior to the start of each game.

This program allows you to get lots of your players involved in Indoor Soccer at a very cheap affordable price. Playing (5 v5) with an 8 player roster. Players would pay a $31.25 league fee.

If you decide as a club to take advantage of this program please let us know so we may start supplying any support materials you may need.

Yours in Futsal,

Harry Hoflein
Pennsylvania Futsal – West
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